CNC Precision Turning - Computer Numerical Control

Turning is part of the machining process that puts the single point of a cutting tool in a position parallel with the surface. In the past, when this was a manual chore, this was where a lathe would have to be used and supervised by a highly trained individual. In modern times this method has dramatically changed and the entire process has, like many things have in the machine world, been changed to where it is overseen by computer programs that make sure everything is going smoothly. The program that does this is called CNC precision turning. The CNC in CNC precision turning is an acronym for computer numerical control. It is the computer's processing software that is used in plotting out the given task and controlling the machine so that it can do what the operator tells it to do.

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CNC precision turning does not require very close supervision. Like many computer programs, this computer program is very, very accurate and concise.

The process that CNC precision turning uses is completed by the material needed that is rotated by your machine. The cutting tool then goes across the x and y axes one at a time and creates cuts that adhere to strict depth and length specifications. Out of the many processes that are used in machining, Turning is known to be one of the most basic and effective. Certain processes are part of the turning process.

Facing is one of the processes that is involved in turning. Facing is what happens when the tool used for cutting is moved along at right angles to the rotating axes on the material that is being cut. When turning, facing is one of the first machining processes that is performed.

One of the other processes that make up turning is parting. Parting is a process that is used to take out completed parts from sockets. Parting is a process that creates deep groves in the material.

Another turning process that can be very essential is grooving. This process is extremely similar to parting, except that groves which are made are cut to a certain depth. All of the cuts when using this process are very specific. During the grooving process, a form tool is used.

Another essential function of turning is drilling. The drilling process is used to remove some material that is inside of the workpiece.

Another important part of turning is screw cutting. When using CNC turning, you can create screw threads by issuing an order on the software.

Machines have come a long way since the golden age of manual labor. Now with today's technology, we can create what would have been viewed as mechanical wonders by just pushing a button. CNC precision turning makes your life easier by overseeing the project that you are working on and makes it easier to handle by handling it precisely and efficiently. For more information on CNC precision turning, visit the business magnet product page and read up on the details on the product and who carries it.

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